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What If…

If the sky opened up right now. What would happen? Would the birds sing to praise a better home, or would they fall to the ground and die with broken wings? What if the earth shattered? What would the land animals think? Would the snakes rejoice in not having to scrape the forest floor? Would the wolves throw themselves into the crater, hoping to find a new moon inside? Or will the snakes cower in fear of the unknown? Will the wolves howl at the moon one last time, hoping that anything will save them from what is to come?

What if the mountains crumble, bending away from the clouds, abandoning something they have always known to get a closer look at what dwells below their peaks?

What if these things did happen? What would humans do? Would they try to resew the sky seams and raise the birds from the ground? Would they fill the creator in the earth to allow snakes and wolves to walk among the bugs and trees? Would they attach ropes to the mountain tops and help them again greet the newly fixed sky? And nature will thank them for showing such kindness. Or will the humans have created the creators? Will they have torn open the sky just to spite the fallen mountains? Would they have dragged the wolves into the hole and stomped the snakes who disobeyed them? Would they pull the surviving birds from the sky, forcing them to walk instead of reaching for a newly opened sky? The world they climb the broken mountains just so they can say they have reached the top of a great mountain. When all they did was climb a cluttered hill?

What would mother nature do when she gives humans all they need, and in return, they take more than what was offered?

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