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Vita Mortum

Some say that life and death have always existed. That they are natural to everything around us since the beginning of time. Life and death have been, and forever will be, as one.

But that's not quite the true story.

See before the sun ever had the chance to glide over the sky, before the moon caught its rays. Before the earth bore mountains and plains. Before the stars winked in the sky. Two creatures were conducted among the hardened dirt and barren land.

One, a beautiful being. Her white color lights up the darkness. She had the power to create fields of golden-green grass, weaving flowers through the reeds. She created birds and built up mountains tall enough to graze upon the sunlit heavens. Her name, vita.

But the other. He was a shapeshifter, born with the power to kill and devour. He sought things to make his prey. he caught birds out of the sky by transforming into a cat. He crushed mountains by becoming a giant. He plagued fields and flowers by becoming hoards of grasshoppers and bugs. His name, Morium.

Vita and Morium had a complicated relationship. They didn't hate each other, quite the opposite, actually. They were Deeply in love. Vita created things for Morium to kill. Morium gave vita ideas for things to develop. They worked in harmony for thousands of years. Both of them love each moment spent together.

Then vita made something completely different from her previous creations. She created human. Morium was ecstatic, something new to eat. But vita told him something he didn't expect. She wished him to leave this creation in peace

Morium didn't know what to think. But he left it alone. For the next few decades, vita created more of them. Forbidding Morium to kill. She stopped making new creatures and focused on creating more humans. She gave them land, she gave them food, and water. Gave them everything and gave Morium nothing but a warning not to touch anything. He began to get tireless. The "humans'' started attacking the animals he was meant to eat, climbed the mountains he was meant to crush, and farmed the fields he was meant to storm

Vita was giving less and less to mortium, yet Morium still loved her.

He obeyed her wishes and did not retaliate. But after centuries of humans living under the protection of vita, they took over. Morium was left with nothing to devour. He was getting frustrated. He was hungry. He began to get furious at vita. And though she begged him not to hurt her precious creations. He snuck behind her back and destroyed their cattle. And then their house pets. And eventually working his way up to pick off a few humans.

Morium was satisfied.

Vita was not.

She banished Morium. Though she knew that he would strike her people again. The only way to protect them, TRULY defend them, was to join them. He made her way down to their towns of wooden homes.

She entered, and she came to meet a young man. He looked at her and was immediately blinded by her beauty. He collapsed, crying and begging for mercy.

Vita walked past him. Maybe someone else would see her. She made her way into their church. Statues of her carved into wooden pillars.Many variations of what humans assumed she looked like, ranging from man to animals. She made her way to the priest. She took one look at her and dropped to his knees. Crying and begging for forgiveness.

She tried again, stepping into the street where a child played with a small pigskin ball. But alas, the young girl looked up at vita… and she covered her face running for her mother.

Vita gave up. She ascended back into her realm. she looked upon her people. And there was morium. She scoffed when she realized what he was doing.

The people saw him. He looked like- well, he looked like her.

Morium came to them looking like the statues in their churches. All the variations of her. He tricked them into believing he was living. He plagued their crops with diseases and killed their young with illness. He stole their homes with fire. Morium was ensuing chaos, and vita was- almost- helpless.

If vita couldn't join them physically, she would provide them with resources to defend themselves against death.

Weapons to better hunt for food and medicine to cure sickness. She gave them everything and anything. But morium,death himself. Still killed hundreds every day. Vita created hundreds to compensate.

Vita loathed Morium. He didn't feel the same. He still loved her. Because without life, death would be meaningless. So, therefore, Vita gave Morium purpose. He will forever be grateful for her. And she will forever be resentful toward him.

note: sorry for the bad grammer in this i kinda rushed it :)

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