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Flowers whisper sweet messages with the wind.

The light hiss as leaves dance with the colorful petals of blossoms.

A field so vast it can be compared to an ocean.

Flowers, each unique with its personality, feelings, and consciousness.

Expressed through lingering feelings of roots, vines, and inflorescence.

A soft kind of intelligence that plants possess.

One no human may understand.

But the sun can, and it smiles at the song of the field.

The flower rejoices in its light and hum ‘thank you’s to the wind.

And the earth that holds the tangling roots does more than understand.

It holds and feels these messages, carrying the thoughts with tender love.

And though some may never understand the word of the flower.

Everyone feels the wind of its breath.

Be it through the clouds or the message of the wind carried by the sun, or the tender love of the earth humming the silent song.

The field of flowers -colors thick and shallow-knows how to speak to all who thrive on earth and its flower fields

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