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I was created before creation existed, awake before you had eyes.

Natural to everything alive.

Never was I a friend, never was I a foe.

I balance on the thin line between helpful and harmful, the reason for your existence, the cause of your distress

Emotions basic to complex.

It is I who ride the butterfly in your gut feelings that twist into dread.

Some perceived me as an angel and devil, sat on your shoulders whispering ideas, putting thoughts into your head.

Never have

I existed in such a way.

Not, do I embody good and bad choices. I am your ability to choose between good and evil

Im in control of the void you call a mind.

An endless void. One forever too full.

I will never not exist, for leaving this realm ensues chaos!

That line between right and wrong will be distorted.

I am the one thing keeping you from being more animal than human.

Saving you from pouncing and biting,

hindering you from killing and clawing.

One thing I know I am.

is consiousness.

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