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Our Current Understanding

Welcome to the blackhole of my content. Please excuse my god complex, but let me explain the universe I have created. This website is like the center of my universe, and my social media platforms are galaxies with my YouTube channel being the quantum entangled energy that binds the very fabric of the Drizzle-Verse! Future prophecy foretells of a parallel dimension that will superimpose itself on the world you know, a realm of design and fashion that whispers its name across the cosmos, Drizzle Drip. For much of my brief 13 years of living, I have unwittingly built this space for myself to be endlessly creative. So please, follow me into the infinite.

Our Current Understanding

Born of two deities, I am an entity that goes by the title of Her Magnificence, and I exist everywhere all at once in the Drizzle-Verse. Although, in your realm I am a 13-year-old female located in Albuquerque New Mexico.


I manifest my existence though organized chaos, always on the hunt for new forms of … epicness? While I spend most of my precious time tending to the world I have created, I also tend to my two creatures. A heavenly hound named Gracie, and a devilish hound named Spencer.


My creativity is driven by the loving support of my family, friends, followers and… well… plenty of snacks. I am passionate about this wonderful universe, and very determined to maintain it. So, thank you very much for joining me on my journey.


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